Thym 4 Tea with Mikita

Ep 60 How To Find Positivity and Boost Your Mood With This Powerful Meditation

November 08, 2022 Mikita S Smith Season 2
Thym 4 Tea with Mikita
Ep 60 How To Find Positivity and Boost Your Mood With This Powerful Meditation
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In this episode of Thyme 4 tea with Mikita I am sharing one of my favorite and most powerful mediations that help me to let go of negativity so that I can embrace positivity.
Sometimes it is hard to find the rainbow in the midst of a storm but if you remember to be grateful and look for the goodness you will be reminded that without the rain the seeds that we plant can not grow.
Always remember to take time out for yourself each day to nourish your garden.

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Mikita S.   00:00:07  Time for Tea with Mikita is a podcast about redefining self-care. It's about looking at every aspect of our life, from music, career, family, relationships, and everything in between. It's about spilling tea on those conversations that are sometimes hard to have. Well, we're not afraid to have those conversations right here. Join me as we spill tea on every conversation you ever thought about, dreamed about, or whispered about. Hey, y'all. Uh, it's definitely time for some tea. This episode of Time for Tea with Mikita is brought to you by LNs Music Group Professional recording personalized to fit your unique sound. Now, everyone deserves a moment to hit reset and just unwind. So I want you to relax and enjoy this

Mikita S.   00:00:57  Welcome. This guided meditation will guide you toward living in a state of positivity. I want you to find yourself in a comfortable, seated position. Take your time to settle in your space. And once you're settled, take a deep breath in and begin to relax into the meditation. Today's exercise is a great way to attain a better mood. Release negativity and any bad vibes. When you're ready, I want you to close your eyes, take another deep breath in and focus on your breathing. And then slowly exhale out. Breathing is a vital energy that can help transform your mood. I want you to focus on the rhythm of your breath. Notice the sound of the breath coming in and out. Feel how it moves your body. Pay attention to its rhythm. Observe its flow. Breathe in deeply now and find the perfect union of your body and soul. Allow for a balanced and serene mood to cultivate within you. Imagine that your mood is like the soil. It must be prepared and cared for in order to grow beautiful flowers. You can control your mood or it will control you. This is the day to learn how to witness your mood by taking a step back from it. Then you have a better perspective to see what thoughts you want to nourish in your garden. Thoughts affect our mood. So imagine now that each thought is represented by a living plant in your garden. The optimistic thoughts represent beautiful flowers of all time, and the pessimistic thoughts are represented by weeds. Notice now what does your garden currently look like? How many flowers are growing versus how many weeds? Weeds will always grow, so it's about pulling them out before they can get too large and take over your garden. Just as pessimistic thoughts may always come throughout life, all you need to do is pull them from your mind as soon as you find them, keeping the garden of your mind clean and thriving with the thoughts you do want, the ones that bloom beautiful flowers. Take a long, deep breath in and a slow breath out. Listen to the sound of your breath and imagine that it represents your emotions as the breeze blowing through your garden. Use this moment to focus on your emotions, on how you really feel. Notice that emotions blow through your garden. Sometimes the winds are strong, but more often the winds are tender and soothing. Your emotions are always flowing through your experience. Focus on your breath to carry your emotions smoothly through life. When you breathe into overwhelming emotions, you are cultivating an intimate environment

Mikita S.   00:05:17   for a new and improved mindset. An open and exquisite garden. A place of peace and tranquility. That is your mind when you take pride in choosing which thoughts to nourish and which to remove. Calm and serene. Organized. Fresh. Lovely. Now, slowly return your wellness to the present. Slowly open your eyes. And always remember to take care of your mental garden by nourishing it Ah with optimism. I hope you enjoyed this meditation as much as I did. I would love to hear your stories on how you hit reset and unwind. Email me at or join me on Instagram at thyme4teawithmikita. And I can't wait to hear your stories. All right, you guys. Now that is all the tea that I have to spill today. But don't forget to join me next Tuesday for more delicious hot tea. Until next time. Namaste.