Thyme 4 Tea with Mikita

Ep 67 Real Conversations : Going Beyond the Surface

March 07, 2023 Mikita S Smith Season 2 Episode 67
Thyme 4 Tea with Mikita
Ep 67 Real Conversations : Going Beyond the Surface
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What season of living are you in right now?  This year I have never been more focused and committed to showing up in every area of my life and being intentional. For me, this looks like serving you with more value and creating a community that provides connection and support. In my personal life, it looks like taking control of my health and being present for my family and friends. Get ready for a year packed with lots of real conversations. I am sharing it all with some amazing guests.

If you join me on my podcast, here are 5 things you can expect to learn:
1. The power of mindset and how it affects our presence
2. Recognizing imposter syndrome and how to overcome it
3. Real conversations, including all the things that have worked and all the things that didn't work
4. Achieving big goals with intentional living
5. Cheerleading and support to help you move past whatever boundaries may be in your way
Join me as I embark on this journey, and let's learn together!

00:00:17 Be intentional; believe in yourself.
00:06:37 Dream big and be intentional.
00:12:09 Practice self-care and gratitude.

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00:00SPEAKER_00: Welcome back; the tea is definitely hot. And I am your host, Makita. Thank you so much for sharing your time, your space, and your amazing energy.

00:10SPEAKER_00: As I enter into this new season in my life, there's one thing I'm sure of. I want to be intentional.

00:17SPEAKER_00: This April will mark two years that I've had the pleasure of serving you, as well as being part of an amazing podcasting community. This year, as I step into a place of providing value, I want to make sure that I am showing up being super intentional. That's why I am so excited that I've gotten to connect with some truly inspiring people, from individuals who are leaders in their communities to entrepreneurs rewriting their own blueprint for life.

00:48SPEAKER_00: I will be sharing not only the how but the story behind their why.

00:54SPEAKER_00: This includes diving deep into the power of mindset and how it affects our presence, as well as recognizing imposter syndrome so that it no longer has a hold over us. Plus, you can always count on me for unwavering support in real conversations, including all the things that have worked and all the things that didn't work. So let's dive in. So mindset and recognizing imposter syndrome is so huge. I don't know anyone who has not had this, whether it's in your career, whether it's being a first-time mom or starting your own business or practice.

01:38SPEAKER_00: When we talk about mindset, we're talking about the beliefs that...

01:43SPEAKER_00: we have about ourselves and our capabilities.

01:47SPEAKER_00: Questions like, how do you view yourself? Do you believe in yourself? It's important to understand how powerful your thoughts can be when it comes to believing in yourself and moving forward with your dreams. It's also important to recognize imposter syndrome so that it doesn't have that sort of hold over you. Imposter syndrome is real. And when you feel like you have fraud, despite all the evidence pointing towards your success or achievement being true, it often leads to feelings of guilt or shame or feeling like you're an imposter despite having earned success or achieved something great, which is why recognizing it is always key. And I'm telling you this because there have been so many instances where I've showed up at events to speak, and I'm like questioning, like, are you a speaker? Like, what is happening here? And even in my podcasting, you know, for those who don't know, I truly love using my podcast as a way to get into events. That has been like such a joy of recognizing that as a podcaster, I am part of the media and I can apply for media press passes, which has been so much fun. I am telling you, it is super, super fun. But I will tell you in the beginning when I started showing up to some of these events.

03:13SPEAKER_00: I feel like I'm not a reporter. I'm not a journalist. I have no true background in journalism. I'm sure I love to write, but...

03:23SPEAKER_00: Oh my gosh, I'm so out of depth here. There's real writers here. There's real people here. And I had to remind myself that what I do is real. The topics that I, you know, share with others has a purpose. It inspires, it motivates, and I deserve to be here. I put in the work to be here.

03:44SPEAKER_00: This is a great learning opportunity, a growth opportunity to continue to step into my purpose as I continue to evolve and learn. So real conversations are one thing that. I've always strived for because they help us build trust. And with you guys, I want to allow myself to go deeper than just the surface level topics, you know, I want to really give you an insight behind the scenes, what things look like when things are not going so well. It's easy enough to just skim the surface when talking about success stories or successes that have been achieved, but I find myself wanting more. I want to know what didn't work too. You know, where did things go wrong? And when did things start going right again? These are all important questions that help us to find more meaningful conversations beyond just reciting facts or highlighting other people accomplishments. And that also means sometimes being honest with yourself, me being honest with myself. If something didn't work out, then I'm always like, OK, so be it. I tried it, but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop there. It means really looking at it. Did I really put my all in that, or did I just attempted to say I did it? And I want to share those experiences with you guys to maybe you're at a point where you need a little extra push, and I really want to cheerlead you on. I want to be that push. I want to share those stories that help you get over that, to move past whatever boundary that may be in your way so that it can be done differently next time around. Thank you for joining me. I'm Dr. DeRionne Pollard.

05:32SPEAKER_00: Now, another thing for me is achieving big goals with intentional living.

05:38SPEAKER_00: Now, life can be full of highs and lows. And in this season of my journey, it has been a mix of both, filled with opportunities to expand my career, grow my podcasting business, and even, I'm even working on writing my first book, which is so huge. I've been writing a book for so long in my mind, and now I'm actually taking those thoughts, putting it on paper, going over my outline, working with someone to really craft this book and bring these things to life. And I love fiction, but I also love nonfiction books. But right now I'm working on a fiction book, which has truly been my heart, and I'm super excited about it. I truly love just writing it, to be honest. But yeah, like, it has been such a journey, and I don't think I would have had the courage or the energy or the energy of doing what I love right now, ever being able to pursue that path of writing and of working towards the goals that what is new for me, the what does it mean, that life directly exists out there and all of us can take on a 새로운 journey

06:36SPEAKER_00: Even the thought process that this is to even dream so big, right? Sometimes our problems lie in not dreaming big enough. And I feel like that each time that we meet a challenge or each time that we challenge ourselves to achieving something bigger and greater, setting new goals, we open up so many new possibilities. And podcasting definitely has done that for me. It has gotten me out of my comfort zone so many times. If you know me, you know I am such an introvert. I am the person that gets hyped and be like, yes, we're going out. We're going to have fun. We're going to go to the bar. We're going to you know, we're going to have a couple of drinks. And then when it's time, it's like, girl. It's nine o'clock.

07:21SPEAKER_00: No, that is so too late. How about we reschedule and let's try this again another day. But that's me. I'm super excited always in the beginning. But what I'd rather do is have my friends come over and sip some wine at the house and just chill, curl up on the couch, pop some popcorn, relax and binge watch some shows. Like that's my level of comfort. Being around tons of people is really not my scene, but in being intentional.

07:55SPEAKER_00: Sometimes that means supporting other people. And I wanna be really intentional about how I show up to support the people in my life that I believe in. And sometimes that means taking me out of my comfort zone, maybe sacrificing a few hours of sleep, not all the time, but just to make sure that I'm showing up, being intentional and doing it from a place of goodness, because I truly want to be that cheerleader for my closest friends and for you guys. I wanna be that cheerleader. I wanna be that person that shows you that I have your back. But at the same time, I am also that person that likes to protect my space and my energy and to do that also intentionally as well.

08:43SPEAKER_00: So as I move into this new season and I'm talking about being honest and sharing those

08:53SPEAKER_00: behind the scenes looks and what's going on in my life and having conversations with some amazing people as they start sharing what's been happening in their life, what things work, what is some of the secret strategies and secret sauce that they have that they can share with you that they've implemented in their business or in their career that has helped. And also look at the things that didn't help. You know,

09:20SPEAKER_00: It's always easy to look at someone's after story, right? We see people and it seems like they just overnight became a success, but we rarely get to see the blood, the sweat, the tears, the sleepless nights, the worry, the anxiety, all the things that happened before they became the supposedly overnight success. And I want people to understand that getting there, getting to the level of success that matters to you is not always this straight up road and just everything goes great. There's always setbacks, there's always challenges. And those challenges are not there to tell you that things are going wrong and you should ditch the idea. They are learning moments, they are put there to help you to grow. They are put there because you may be at a season in your life where you need to develop some thicker skin. Maybe you need to develop more communication strategies.

10:25SPEAKER_00: or you need to kind of be like I am. I'm in the season of intentionality, showing up, being intentional throughout every aspect of my life. I want to be intentional in how I show up for this podcast. I want to be intentional in my personal life. I want to be intentional when it comes to my health.

10:43SPEAKER_00: You know, there's so many things. One area in which I found intentional living to be immensely helpful is in relationships. It's easy to get caught up in the everyday chaos and forget that we need to nurture our relationships if we want them to thrive. Being intentional means taking time out of your day to show appreciation for those around you and actively listen when they speak. Now, this could mean sending a quick text message or making time for a phone call to family members. You know, I try to be really intentional with connecting with my siblings and me and my brother. I have one brother and we chat at least once a week. We call each other. And if he doesn't call me by the end of the week, then I'm reaching out to him because I'm like, you know, what's up? Where are you? But just being intentional with the connections. And.

11:42SPEAKER_00: and making sure that my family knows that I love them and they are always, always such an important part of my life. Now, another part of intentional living is taking care of your health. And for me, this means setting aside time every day to move my body, even if that's only for a quick walk in my neighborhood or doing lunch. Self-care activities like bar are like my favorite. And I don't technically meditate, traditionally meditation.

12:20SPEAKER_00: But I do love to sit in silence and just truly connect with myself in my own way. It is a form of meditation.

12:31SPEAKER_00: but I don't try to like lock out my thoughts during this time of meditation or sitting in silence, whatever you want to call it.

12:38SPEAKER_00: I just use this time to bring whatever.

12:43SPEAKER_00: surface thoughts or thoughts that maybe I've been pushing back. I try to bring those things to the surface and really.

12:52SPEAKER_00: address them.

12:54SPEAKER_00: and build myself up. Like I give myself pep talks in the middle of this. I just be like, girl, you the best. You know, you are, you 100% got this. You know, today's gonna be a great day. You're gonna own this day. You're gonna be a boss. You have everything you need inside of you. You truly, this is how I start my day. I sit there, I bring those thoughts up. I address them. And I give myself this.

13:25SPEAKER_00: bad girl pep talk about all the things that make me great. And I would encourage you to try this. It is super, super inspiring, and it really gets me hype, it really gets me motivated. And it truly, throughout the day, I recall some of the things that I've said to myself, especially when the day starts to get a little challenging, or I feel stuck in a certain area. I'm like, girl, you got this, you're a boss. And I said today, this is not hard, because I'm a person that when it comes to tech savvy things I can get really caught up in tech and thinking, oh my God, girl, you don't know anything about technology like that. Then I remind myself, yes, you do. And you have time to learn this, to get a grasp on this. It's not hard, it's just taking the time to figure it out. So I encourage you when you find yourself in a challenging situation to remember to take the time to figure it out because you got it.

14:31SPEAKER_00: So overall, this new season in my life promises many exciting opportunities for growth through podcasting and giving you some amazing content and connections and just some tips and tools and strategies that I know can help you no matter where you are, whether you're beginning a career, you're starting a business, whether you are a new mom and you just need a support group, whether you are like me, an empty nester, where the kids are grown and you're just trying to figure everything out, you know, I got you.

15:06SPEAKER_00: You know, you may be wanting to connect with the new passion project and you just need the girl pow to be here for you. I will be that person for you. And I'm looking forward to every moment of it, from introducing you to amazing people who are changing the game, diving into topics such as mindset and imposter syndrome, providing unwavering support through real conversations that cover both successes and failures. As I continue on this journey of intentional living and relationships, health and overall spiritual awareness and self-awareness, I hope to share my truth as well as the stories of others who are willing to live life their own way by staying focused on positive outcomes and practicing gratitude regularly. I know that anything is possible if you're willing to put in the work. And this season, no matter where you are, whether you are in the season of planting the seeds of growth, whether you are nurturing those dreams to bring them into reality, or you are just reaping the benefits and sharing that success and so much gratitude and how far you've come, bleibt carg hier et mer et car il change ne plus pas son pour les scientifiques,

16:20SPEAKER_00: It'll be sure to bring lots of learning opportunities and inspiration along the way.

16:26SPEAKER_00: With that being said, I am so looking forward to having more meaningful connections and continuous growth this year. All right, you guys, you know, that is all the tea that I have to spill today. But hey, like I said, if we're not connected, we better be connected. You better find me on Instagram, say what's up, it's MakedaSmith underscore. And you know, also, if you need a little weekly self-care fuel, go to, get you some free resources to help you manage your time, your stress, and also, I would so love for you to take the time out to leave me a quick review. It will not take that long. Can't wait to hear you guys' feedback.

17:11SPEAKER_00: And don't forget to join me each and every Tuesday for more delicious hot tea. Until next time, namaste.