Thym 4 Tea with Mikita

Ep 92 Laugh Cry Rewind A Powerful Story Of Truth with Judy Haveson

September 05, 2023 Mikita Smith, Finding Courage / Creating Space & Living Life
Thym 4 Tea with Mikita
Ep 92 Laugh Cry Rewind A Powerful Story Of Truth with Judy Haveson
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What does it take to navigate life's twists and turns, from career shifts to personal tragedies, and still find the courage to craft an unforgettable memoir? Well, you're in for a treat because we're about to dive into the extraordinary life of Judy Heveson, the incredible author behind the debut memoir, "Laugh Cry Rewind." πŸ“š

Judy's journey is nothing short of inspiring. Her story is a testament to the incredible resilience of the human spirit, painted with moments of loss, self-discovery, and an unwavering determination to keep moving forward.

In this heart-to-heart conversation, we'll unravel the very essence of Judy's memoir. It all began with her profound desire to share her life stories, both before and after the tragic loss of her sister, with her son. πŸ“–

Get ready for an emotional roller-coaster as we explore the profound emotional journey that Judy embarked upon while penning her memoir. We'll uncover the transformative power of storytelling, the healing that it can bring, and the strength it can ignite within.

But that's not all; we'll also delve into the importance of having a robust support system. Judy opens up about the role of self-care and exercise in nurturing her resilience, and her insights are nothing short of inspiring. πŸ’ͺ

This episode is a heartfelt journey through life's highs and lows, a story that will tug at your heartstrings, and ultimately, one that will leave you reflecting on your very own life journey. 🌟

So,  find a comfy spot, and get ready to be moved, inspired, and encouraged. Trust me, you won't want to miss this one! 🌈

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