Thyme 4 Tea with Mikita

From Surviving To Thriving with #1 Bestselling Authors Ashley Jackson-Thompson and Meriam B

September 06, 2021 Mikita S Smith Season 2 Episode 7
Thyme 4 Tea with Mikita
From Surviving To Thriving with #1 Bestselling Authors Ashley Jackson-Thompson and Meriam B
Show Notes

Are you a are caregiver or know someone who is a caregiver? The truth is we are all caregivers in some form. A huge part of self-care is remembering that you can not fill from an empty cup. On this episode I have not one but two BESTSELLING AUTHORS Meriam Boldewijn author of Caregiver 2.0 From Burnout To Powerhouse and Ashley Jackson-Thompson author of Lost Travel Found: Turning Pain to Purpose.  Ashley is a graduate of Xavier University, where I studied Finance and Human Resources (HR). I then went onto receiving my master’s degree in Human Resources Management, which I have spent 10+ years of my professional career practicing. After my husband was diagnosed and beat a rare cancer in stage 4, I came to know my purpose in life. Timeless Dream Events mission and vision is to provide terminally ill people and their family members with a “timeless dream event” that will celebrate life and love. We plan various events, at minimal notice due to each unique and sensitive situation. I am humbled by being able to turn my own pain into being a blessing to others. These amazing women share their stories of pain, uncertainty, and hope while dealing with the burnout and stress. Some times as caregivers we think that we are in control and handling things so well but the truth is the body all ways tell the truth. Some of the signs of burnout can present in headaches, weight gain, total shut down, anxiety, stomach pains/ulcers. You can only pretend for so long then you have to face the music. In this heart found conversation we spill tea on how you can prevent burnout, and manage stress as a caregiver. You are never alone. You can find both books on Amazon. 
You can connect with Ashley WEBSITE:
TikTok: @timelessdreamevents
Clubhouse: @timelessdream
Meriam Boldewijn: There was a time when my husband was a diabetic/on dialysis/had a kidney/pancreas transplant. Not only that, he had many surgeries: groin rupture, several eye surgeries and ankle surgery. We lost count.. In November 2012 -1 day after my birthday- I was at the office when I received a call from my brother. He called me while having a stroke… Taking care of my husband and my brother was a huge weight on my shoulders. I struggled with unwanted feelings. Today Meriam coaches other caregivers so they do not have to struggle the way that she did you can connect with Meriam
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