Thyme 4 Tea with Mikita

Loving Your Body with Dacia Desiree Founder & Designer Pretty Gurl Kouture

October 04, 2021 Season 2 Episode 11
Thyme 4 Tea with Mikita
Loving Your Body with Dacia Desiree Founder & Designer Pretty Gurl Kouture
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When you decide to go shopping do you find yourself always going back to a specific brand or certain style because the options are limited? Fashion is about finding clothing pieces that represent your unique personality. This week my podcast will be live from RVAFW to talk self-care and fashion. I had the honor and pleasure to sit down with the Beautiful and Talented Dacia Desiree who taking the fashion industry by storm while redefining women clothing. 
In this episode:

  •  we break down how important it is to love your body regardless of your size
  • creating cute sexy clothing for curvy women
  • the confidence you feel when you find the right outfit that compliments your body type
  • new pretty gurl kouture line what you can expect
  • dream big 

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All right, welcome back, you guys. It's your favorite self care and wellness coach Mikita. Thank you, first of all, for just sharing your time and your space and your energy with me today. So I love you guys, and I appreciate all your support. And I just want to remind you that please, you know, continue to leave some good feedback. So I can continue to give, you good content on self care. So as many of you know, I have been gearing up for

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our VA's fashion week, which has been the most exciting part of the end of this year for me. And at the end, I had one of my friends actually was like, oh my God, so mikita, what are you wearing? And I had no clue. I was sitting there in complete panic like, oh my gosh, I've been planning all these things out and I haven't even come up with what are you going to wear? And I got a little, you know, a little panic, a little anxiety going on about it and then I had to hit pause and remind

1:00 - 1:30

myself that, you know what? When you're choosing whatever you want to wear, he wanted to make sure that it represents who you are. Our clothing and what we choose to wear says so much about us. You know, when we choose to put on sweatpants and a T-shirt, it says, you know what? I'm tired and today it's just going to be a day of relaxation. Or maybe we choose to put on a sexy dress or a pantsuit. And we're seeing in that moment, I'm feeling sexy and confident. And that's how I want the world to

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see me. You know, whatever piece of clothing that we choose to put on, it is an extension of who we are, it says a lot about our personality and how we are presenting ourselves to the world. So choosing clothing is more than just, you know, it's fashion, but it's you. It's your culture, it's everything. So with that in mind, I was able to really start focusing on how

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how I wanted to show up and it really bring a lot of perspective and self awareness of what I wanted to look like how I wanted to be. Which is why I am so excited to have with me today. I have with me founder owner designer of pretty girl couture, Dacia here, and she will be on opening night of Richmond's fashion week to display her clothing line and you also have an up and coming

2:30 - 3:00

clothing Fall line that you're going to be letting loose also. So I've looked at what you have and I've been sharing it around and I just want to say that it's fire. Thank you. Thank you, thank you so, so very much, such as so hard to make sure that I get items that will make everyone feel confident. And I'm grateful to know that you are, you are pleased with what you saw on the website. So thank you for that. Yes, I really am. Like,

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I was going through and strolling through like seeing like, who's going to be at the fashion week and it was just something about what you said about creating clothing for every woman every size, you know, to the confident and beautiful and I was like, that's what that's what my listeners want to feel confident and beautiful. So I was like, yes, I want to connect with her. We were on the same level when it comes to showing up and being confident and beautiful on your clothing. Most destination is most definitely. And that is

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correct. You know, everyone needs to feel beautiful and a lot of times what I did before I even started, you know, to open my own clothing, brand is to look around. You know, you have to check out your competition, your competitor, and a lot of times I would look for like on my I'll just stay fashionable for instance. You know, like, I love the model on fashion over. The clothes look, you know, excellent, but it's like, I'm like one 30, and I have no shape, really. So

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I really can't compare with the models, you know, how they're wearing their clothes to what I would look like when I wear my clothing. So I try to make sure that with pretty girls who were that we get items that fit girls who don't have a shape, maybe it'll make them look like they have the shape or the girls who have the shape accentuate their herds even more. And then with our herbaceous pretty girls, you also want to make sure that you're complimenting them in the right way. Okay, so everyone can't wear a crop top. Everyone can't

4:30 - 5:00

wear tights. Or if they want to run the tights they need to get a nice cute tunic, they go with it. So it's just good to know your audience and, you know, make sure that you are displaying confidence in class. You don't want to give them anything that is going to make them feel uncomfortable or maybe make their significant other than uncomfortable. So it's just important to know that, you know, with getting, you know, a clothing brand that you

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are intact and indeed knowing that your audience is, you know, the people that are going to be purchasing those clothes, so I try to make sure that I do that for sure. I like that idea. How did you, what made you be like, you know what, I want to design for all women, what was it about? I know you mentioned that, you know, you know, you're on the smaller frame, so he's like, I don't know what this would

5:30 - 6:00

look like when someone is bigger than meal with more curves than me. But what was your defining moment? It was like, yeah. There's a need for this. Right. So, well, in my family, I'm the one of the smallest women, you know, girls in my family. So I have mostly full figure women, and they always complain about how it's so hard to find clothing that you know is nice for them. You know, you can go on a website or you can go to the store, you can find clothing, but is it? Is it cute?

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You know, is it comfortable? You know, and they're like, well, I was a skinny girls have the good stuff, you know, and then I get on my side and it's hard to find something. So it's like, okay. Well, let me see if I can help you out a little bit. So I think maybe my family was definitely one of the reasons why I had definitely decided to go in this. This field and I always love clothes, but I'm skinny. I mean, it's hard to believe, but the real estate girls have a hard time animal clothes too,

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because I used to be extra smart till I started gaining a little bit of weight, but extra small, you can't finally close for extra small and you can't fan close with two X and three X so it was like, where do you fit? So I made sure that with this brand that it indeed was for everybody. And I'm even working on trying to find something for extended sizes as well. Because, you know, even people that are beyond the risk, maybe the four, 5, 6, 6. I know they

7:00 - 7:30

have a very hard time finding clothing as well. So I mean, it's harder for me to find the better for that size, but I'm more so looking forward, those type vendors now because it's just hard, you know? You want to be cute. And you can't be cute if they don't give you a good choice. You know, this election to choose from. So definitely definitely looking into getting the extended sizes. And being that my family is more on the, they're more curvaceous than I am. I just try to make sure that I'm

7:30 - 7:32

I'm getting them something that I know they