Thyme 4 Tea with Mikita

The Power Of Sleep with Dr. Funke Brown

October 26, 2021 Mikita S Smith Season 2 Episode 14
Thyme 4 Tea with Mikita
The Power Of Sleep with Dr. Funke Brown
Show Notes

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Sleep is the one thing we all need more of yet we tend to get less and less. This is now the age of technology that never sleeps. I am about to tell my age (lol) but as kid I remember when at a certain time everything shut down as a reminder to get some rest. 
Between social media, emails, advertisement, movies and T.V. everything is in competition for our time and energy. If we as adults can not unplug how can we expect our kids to unplug? 
In this episode I spill some hot tea  with Dr. Funke Brown to discuss the importance of sleep as well as the power of a quick power nap. My dream is to live in a country that appreciates  the importance of afternoon naps. That would be so so amazing.
Here is a little sample of the tea we are discussing in this episode.

  • Tips on  how you can identify if your child may have a sleeping disorder.
  • Plus how much sleep does your child need. 
  • Discover simple steps to help you and your child develop a bed time routine that will help them to relax after a long day.
  • Sleep has so many benefits, from weight loss, improved mood, less stress, reduced anxiety and the list goes on and on. 

This is one episode you don't want to miss. 

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